Will My Home Repair of My Dentures Hold Up Over Time?

You may already know a few ways you can fix up your dentures by yourself if you accidentally break them. You don’t want to have to go several days or even weeks without your dentures, which help you eat and show off your smile. Why even call up a dentist if you can fix your dentures at home?

Well, while some of the home repair jobs may hold up for awhile, very few of them will hold up for good. Usually, only a dentist or specialized denture repair service has the tools necessary to repair broken dentures, so scheduling an appointment to get your dentures fixed is still going to be the best option to home repairs when you’re having a how to repair broken dentures conroe problem.

Why Won’t Home Solutions Work?

Home solutions for denture repair do exist, and may work fine for a few days, even weeks or a month. This isn’t a chance most people will want to take, however. You can find that you will be able to patch your dentures up for a short amount of time using a solution like a denture repair kit you can find at most major grocery stores, or even Super Glue, if you feel so inclined.

how to repair broken dentures conroe

However, since home solutions lack the equipment and tools that dentists and specialists have on hand, you probably won’t be able to achieve a permanent fix for your dentures. Your dentist or specialist can:

·    Fully repair your broken dentures with specialized equipment.

·    Have the ability to replace your dentures with a new set if the old ones cannot be repaired.

Your dentures are an important part of helping you eat tougher foods and show off your smile, so why take a chance with a solution that may not work for good? You can always use home solutions for a short time, but if your dentures break, always make sure to bring them into a professional so you can repair or replace them as soon as possible.